Rec Plus Academy (RPA) Overview

The Rec Plus Academy (RPA) program through Indy Premier is a program designed to offer a level of play and experience that is between traditional Recreational soccer and our Travel soccer programs.  The majority of our teams compete against in-house teams during league play.  

  • u6 RPA program includes 1 weeknight practice and 1 weeknight game that is organinzed by club staff.
  • u8, u10, u12, u14 RPA program includes 2 weeknight practices and 1 weekend game.  1 practice each week is led by our professional staff.  Our staff also handles all administrative duties, scheduling, club commmunication and attend at minimum 50% of all games played.
  • u16 and u19 RPA program includes 1 weeknight practice led by our staff and weekend games.  The u16 and u19 league is COED.
  • Our volunteer parents coaches are expected to work alongside our club staff and follow club guidelines and expectations.  They will receive coaching education via email, coaches meetings and weekly hands on taining during group training and games.
  • The RPA is open to all kids of age that live in Greater Indianapolis Area, as Indy Premier is an open soccer club.
  • Questions regarding the RPA program, please contact RPA Director craig.woodfill@indypremiersc.org